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Inpatient Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is often needed as part of your recovery following admission to hospital due to illness or following an operation. We have a team of Physiotherapists with specialist expertise in:

Our Physiotherapists use their knowledge and experience of treating your condition and your goals to provide structured exercise programmes and tailored advice to suit your needs. The physiotherapists work closely with your Consultant, nurses and occupational therapists to ensure the best recovery. Of the utmost importance is for you to leave hospital when you are confident and safe to do so with the information that will aid your recovery.

Your inpatient stay at London Bridge Hospital is just the beginning of your journey to physical rehabilitation. You are likely to need further input as an outpatient; we will facilitate this by referring you to community services, or to our London Bridge physiotherapy outpatient department based in The Shard. Our outpatient physiotherapists have a wide range of skills and specialists in orthopaedic post-operative recovery, neuro rehabilitation, cardio-respiratory, oncology, vestibular rehabilitation and hand therapy.