Hand Therapy 

London Bridge Hospital provides a highly specialist hand rehabilitation service to meet the needs of its clients. Staffed by both occupational therapists and physiotherapist, we ensure a holistic approach to the treatment of acute and chronic hand related injuries and conditions. Close liaison with other key services such as surgical consultants, clinical psychology and the pain management service ensure outcomes are optimised.

We strive to ensure you understand your injury or condition and therefore actively encourage questions.

Injuries and conditions commonly treated by this specialist service include:

- Fractured bones

  • Surgically repaired eg with pins, plates or wires
  • Conservatively managed

- Tendon injuries

  • Tendon repairs
  • Tendon transfers
  • Mallet deformities
  • Boutonniere deformities
  • Swan neck deformities

- Nerve injuries

  • Nerve repairs
  • Nerve compressions syndromes eg carpal tunnel syndrome

- Small joint injuries 

  •  Ligaments injuries
  • Volar plate injuries

- Dupuytrens disease

- Burns

- Joint contractures and stiffness

 - Scars

  • Raised scars
  • Sensitive scars

- Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

- Joint instabilities

- Arthritis

A variety of treatment modalities are utilised which may include:

• Splinting

  • Custom made thermoplastic splints
  • Static and dynamic splints
  • Neoprene splints

- Joint mobilisation

- Oedema management

- Massage

- Strengthening

- Sensory re-education

- Home exercise programmes

- Ergonomic analysis

- Ultrasound

- Thermal modalities

- Custom made pressure garments

- Condition specific education

If you have any question regarding your hand injury or condition please contact the Hand Therapy Clinic located within the Physiotherapy Department at Emblem House.


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