The Physiotherapy Department is based at London Bridge Hospital, the hospital occupies a commanding position overlooking the River Thames and the City, offering a convenient central London location for patients and their visitors and is one of the largest private hospitals in the UK.

Physiotherapy, itself, is based in Emblem House (which houses London Bridge Hospital’s Outpatient Centre) the department offers individual treatment cubicles and a fully equipped gymnasium for rehabilitation.

Our gym contains the latest state-of-the-art equipment including high performance treadmills, cycles, rowing ergometers, the Isokinetic Biodex, Computerised Video Analysis and pilates reformer.

This is in addition to the usual rehabilitation equipment that you would expect to find at a fully equipped gym.

Our physiotherapy services are divided between the Emblem House site and  Physiotherapy @ 37° Gym, a short walk from the main site.